Membership is granted based on expertise, specific academic standards, and experience in the fields of Construction Project Management, Construction Management, and Property Development Management.

Become An ACPM Member and begin to enjoy the following benefits and more…

  • Special discounts when attending our events
  • Access to cutting edge Project Management Practises
  • Commercial and peer recognition of expertise
  • Exposure to the latest developments in the Profession
  • Consistent and high standards of service delivery to the end-user.
  • Enhanced professional status
  • Membership recognised by SACPCMP for registration purposes
  • Participate and influence the direction of the Profession


All Registrations Are Subject To R850 Application Fee, And Upon Approval The Relevant Membership Fee Will Be Payable, Inline With The Approved Category.


Available Registration Categories

Individual Membership

Graduate Member

Property Development Manager

Affiliate Member

Associate Member

Full Member

Corporate Membership

Associate Corporate

Full Corporate

Complimentary Membership