Rules for the category “Associate Corporate Member”

A Corporate Member must:

  1. be a registered company, close corporation, partnership or division thereof whose main business purpose is the provision of professional Construction Project Management services(a practising entity); and
  2. have submitted its company/partnership profile or brochure and details of at least three recent project assignments in which the practising entity or it’s Principals has provided professional Construction Project Management services encompassing the minimum Scope of Services published by the ACPM. Client references must be supplied together with reasonable proof of the nature of the services provided; and
  3. have a minimum of 2 Principals; and
  4. have at least 50% by number with a minimum of 2 of the practising entity’s Principals being Full Members of ACPM; and
  5. have signed a declaration to abide by the Code of Professional Conduct for Corporate Members of the ACPM; and
  6. have been accepted by Exco as a Corporate Member; and
  7. not use the ACPM logo on any stationery other than that officially representing the authorized practicing entity only.

Become an Associate Corporate Member

Application Fee: R850.00 / Membership Fee: R2990.00 Get Started