The Association Of Construction Project Managers has entered into an alliance partnership with The CPD On-Demand Service who utilises a unique online Training Platform called e-CORE 

CPD On-Demand is designed to provide CPD training opportunities for all Built Environment Professionals to earn CPD Credits and is  is available for users, online 24/7.  

Please note that you are required to register on the online platform in order to have access to the available CPD material at cost stipulated per CPD activity.  

Study Aids  

The CPD On-Demand Service provides an easy to use on-line method of accessing ?Study Aids?. These ‘Study Aids’ enable individuals to earn CPD credits relative to their profession. ‘Study Aids’ are developed for each profession, however many ‘Study Aids’ are applicable across Professions.  

The Study Aids’ can be in the form of Videos, PowerPoints, Publications, Technical Papers, etc. They are purchased by personal credit card, EFT, or by use of Study Aid Vouchers. After viewing the ‘Study Aids’ the User is required to take and pass an online Quiz to earn Category 1 / A CPD Credits. This is not necessary however in the case of Category 3 / C Study Aids.  

CPD Certificates  

Users of the Service are required to Register initially by entering their details. These details are used to compile a CPD Certificate when the Study Aid has been completed and is automatically produced by the system and can then be printed. Certificates are provided for both Category 1 /A and Category 3 / C Study Aids.  

Personal Folders  

The CPD Certificates are all stored online in personal folders, together with a link to its Study Aid. Each purchased Study Aid can be reviewed again later, if required for revision purposes.