The establishment of this forum is to ensure that opportunities are provided for all stakeholders to meet on a quarterly basis to discuss the matters that impact on the understanding and promotion of the Construction Project Managers (CPMs). In addition, there is a need for a strong lobby group that needs to fight for the interests of CPM’s because it is the only professional discipline that is perceived not have a voice in the industry. 



The aim is to facilitate, coordinate and stimulate interaction between stakeholders both in the Public and Private sectors areas of operation in the property and construction industry.  

The broad objectives of the industry conversation platform:  

  • Provide a platform for exchanging ideas and networking with likeminded professionals; 
  • Address the topics that enhance and threaten the CPM professions/discipline; 
  • To provide insights and in-depth knowledge on related topics; 
  • Create opportunities for networking and dialogue within this industry; 
  • Use social media and other networking platforms with a view to widening this stakeholder base 


This forum will include: 

  • Representatives from various organizations and entities in the industry 
  • Academic institutions and  
  • industry experts at large 
  • Public Sector  (National, Provincial and local government) 

 The composition for each dialogue session will depend on the topic being discussed.  


These three-hour dialogue programmes will be validated by the SACPCMP. Other Councils will also be approached for validation depending on the topic. This is to ensure that CPMs with dual registrations across Councils are included at all times.  


The session will consist of a panel discussion with a moderator who is an expert in the industry. 

The EXCO members will be expected to host tables and rotate tables accordingly as per agreed upon times. 

Generic Programme / Event Programme 

  • Registration & Breakfast 
  • Opening Remarks 
  • Introduction of the Topic 
  • Discussion by Panel Speakers: 
  • Closing Speaker:  
  • Vote of Thanks & Closure