The objectives of the Association shall be:  

  1. to promote and facilitate the adoption and use of Project Management in the Construction Industry,
  2. to serve and protect the interests of employers of Construction Project Managers by enforcing the Association’s disciplinary code,
  3. to ensure high standards of professional competence and conduct on the part of its members, to promote and facilitate education and training for those practising or wishing to practice as Construction Project Managers to maximise the efficiency of the process of construction and the optimisation of costs,
  4. to promote and facilitate the development of Construction Project Management in the Republic of South Africa in harmony with the Constitution of the country,
  5. to develop and foster a close working relationship with all relevant stakeholders/partners sharing similar objectives  for the benefit of members.
  6. to determine standards for admission to the various classes of membership of the Association and to provide means for testing the qualification of candidates for admission to the appropriate classes of membership,
  7. to provide a forum for the exchange of views and information on matters pertaining to Construction Project Management and related matters,
  8. to print, publish and circulate among members of the Association and other interested persons, papers, books, periodicals, circulars and other literature dealing with Construction Project Management and related matters,
  9. to represent the collective views of its members and to liaise with other professions and professional bodies, public authorities and other interested organisations and persons involved in the construction industry,
  10. to control and promote the interests of its members.