The Executive Committee  

The management, control and administration of the Association shall be vested in the Executive Committee. All members of the Executive Committee, referred to as committee members, shall be professionals who are engaged in the field of Construction Project Management as a core activity; this may include those members following an Academic career in Construction Project Management provided that their position, seniority and experience is deemed acceptable to Exco 


The Executive Committee is empowered to co-opt not more than five committee members , who shall have all the rights and powers of committee members as provided in the constitution.  

  1. Marketing, PR and Events 
  2. Membership and Transformation 
  3. Technical, Training and Development
  4. Treasury and Finance
  5. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)  


Drives the policy implementation and sees to the daily running of the office. Responsible to oversee management and successful continuation of the ACPM under the direction of the EXCO.