Complementary Membership


Honorary MembershipThis is part of our proactive strategy to retain skills and provide mentorship as well as technical capacity needed in the industry. Young ProfessionalsThe skills pipeline, which is critical to the emergence of new entrants into the construction industry, faces a number of challenges. As part of growing the skills pipeline there is a need to create awareness and involvement in activities that will increase the visibility of the ACPM. This implies that there needs to be concerted effort to facilitate the entry of more new students into the Construction Management professions through changing youth mind sets regarding the Construction Management professions. The Young Professionals was launched specifically to address this challenged. This is being done in partnership with Sanlam and will be rolled out to all institutions of higher learning. This is where we call up to our individual and corporate members to participate through guest lectures, serve on advisory committees and offer opportunities for experiential learning and bursaries where possible.  

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