The Association of Construction Project Managers (ACPM) has a rich history dating back to the late 1990’s when it was formally established. While it is not practicable to give a full list of all the founders, I have pleasure to list all the previous Presidents of the ACPM that carved this road for us.  

They are: 

  1. Mr Charles Israelite; 
  2. Tebogo Nchapa; 
  3. Mr Neil Graham; and 
  4. Mr Tim White 

In my capacity as the newly elected President, I am proud to say that I stand on the shoulders of giants, pioneers, and champions of construction project managers who have built this institution ahead of my time. these leaders founded the ACPM in response to the constantly-increasing use of Project Management services in local and international industries in the 1990s, and motivated by their passion and commitment 

to the CPM discipline. Following the first democratic elections in 1994 and the resulting changes in the new regulatory environment, the new association also responded to and drove the necessary transformatory processes for the recognition and professionalisation of the CPM discipline. 

One has to acknowledge the pioneering role played by our first leadership team, led by Mr Charles Israelite, that actively participated in the debates over the need to formalise the services of Construction Project Managers in the building industry. Arising from these debates, they saw the need for and founded the ACPM to represent the interests of practising project managers and their clients. As the first President of the ACPM, Mr Israelite played a pivotal part in raising awareness in the industry about the services of the Construction Project Managers. He also led the team that was made inputs and commented on the initial draft of the Project and Construction Management Professions (PCMP) Act. Members of association also served on the Interim Steering Committee that preceded the promulgation of the PCMP Act. 

After the Project and Construction Management Professions Act 2000 (Act 48 of 2000) was signed into law, the work of the association continued in earnest as it played a significant role in establishing of the South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP), whose mandate is to certify, register and regulate the Project and Construction Management Professions. Two of ACPM’s EXCO members, Mr AJ Bowen and Prof Schloss were appointed by the then Minister of Public Works, the Hon Stella Sigcau to serve on the 1st Term Council of the SACPCMP. 

Having played a significant role in the professionalisation of the CPM discipline, the association then took up its mandate as the voice of the industry on matters affecting professionals, and kept up the ACPM’s participation in all public and private fora. The visibility of the ACPM led to its exponential growth in membership base which was reflected locally and internationally. While it had a national and international footprint, the association had provincial champions in the four provinces of Gauteng, Western Cape, KwaZulu Natal and Eastern Cape where most of the infrastructure projects are implemented led by our members. Around the time of the delivery of the 2010 Soccer World Cup infrastructure, ACPM 

Excellence Awards were introduced to recognize, showcase and reward project management excellence. 

Our rich history (expounded on in further detail in a subsequent section) recognises the sterling voluntary work that was done by many executive committee (EXCO) and committee members to serve with distinction the organisation since its inception, whilst still running their own private businesses. In 2017, the ACPM EXCO resolved to appoint a CEO to drive the proactive and constructive strategic approach necessary to take the ACPM to the next level. Nomvula Rakolote was appointed as the first Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the ACPM on 01 August 2018, coinciding with the twenty-year celebration of the association. has assumed full responsibility of the role as CEO effective from 1 August 2018.  

Besides the development and implementation of the new strategy and its associated programmes, Nomvula has managed in short space of time to re-invigorate the association, raise its visibility, build stakeholder relationships (including the signing Memoranda of Understanding with key stakeholders) and promote industry engagements. She has spearheaded the emergence and sustenance of Construction Industry Conversations(CIC), our flagship programme. The CPD online portal as well as a membership system that will be officially launched this year for ease and convenience of members are other some of her other sterling initiatives within the first year in office. 

In taking the ACPM forward into the future, we aim to profile the organisation as the “go-to partner” for clients, sponsors and beneficiaries seeking excellent Construction Project Managers and CPM companies. To this end, we kindly request your active engagement and participation in our efforts to address the key issues that affect the CPM profession. Thank you all for your valued participation and involvement.