The Association of Construction Project Managers (ACPM) invites the corporate members on an annual basis to enter one or more projects, from their most recently completed projects  and for the ACPM Excellence awards the projects should have achieved Practical Completion over a two year period to enter for the  competition.  

‘Excellence – may be defined as showing distinction, of being superior, of being superlative’ it is these characteristics that we aim to recognize, showcase and reward. In 2020 the criteria was expanded to  give consideration to aspects such as the impact on the environment, social investment, innovation and sustainability whilst benchmarking your submissions against globally accepted project management standards.  

Since 2019 the ACPM Excellence Awards have expanded the recognition of projects to be both for the Public and Private Sector projects implemented by our Corporate members both the Full Corporate Members and Associate Corporate Members to allow inclusiveness and the transformation.  

The  Excellence Awards consist of projects  categorised as follows; 

  1. The project must have been implemented in sub-Saharan Africa, Africa or Off-shore within the Public or Private Sector and should be categorized as National or International or as Public or Private Sector.
  2. Eligibility of the projects that will be considered for the awards amongst others   

The project implementation and delivery must be considered by the client as exceptional in some or all aspects. 

The project shall further be assessed with regards to, the practical application of ‘green engineering practices’, project difficulty, overcoming adversity, social investment, H&S application, innovation and/or other value adding characteristics.  

Overview of Award Winners over a two-year period 2018 – 2021

The Association of Construction Project Managers (ACPM)  considered the projects below as they fulfil the criteria and these were assessed by an independent panel that and two winners were selected for  projects completed and have achieved Practical Completion within the stipulated time frame. 


In 2021 judging criteria also focuses on projects that have been successfully completed with innovative interventions and “ out of the box” thinking that  was required to overcome specific project challenges given the extra ordinary times  experienced during the COVID 19 within the 24 months period. The period was for projects that have achieved Practical Completion between 31 July 2019 – 31 July 2021 (2year period)

  • International Private Sector Winner – Douala Grand Mall, Douala, Cameroon – Won by Origin International (PTY) LTD 
  • National Public Sector Winner – Tlhabane Square, Rustenburg, North West, RSA – Won by Betts Townsend (PTY) LTD
  • National Private Sector Winner – Courtyard Waterfall Hotel, Johannesburg, Gauteng, RSA – Won by Metrum Group  (PTY) LTD



In 2020 for the first time in the history of the ACPM Excellence Awards we have given recognition and have our first public sector award winner that has been project managed by one of the ACPM corporates 

  • International Award Winner – I&M Bank, Nairobi, Kenya – Won by Betts &Townsend 
  • National Award Winner – Booysens Magistrate Court, Booysens, Johannesburg, Gauteng – Won by Triviron Project Management  



  • International Award Winner – 335 Place, Accra – won by GHC Africa 
  • National Award Winner – The Junxion Mall, Philippi, Western Cape – won by MDA projects  



  • International Award Winner – ECO Bank, Ghana – won by GHC Africa 
  • National Award Winner – Mutual Precinct Super Basement and No.1Mutual Place Project, Sandton – won by Profica