The constitution contemplates membership in four categories.  Provision is made for membership to be granted based on expertise and experience in the field of Construction Project Management and for practising Project Managers who have attained certain academic standards.


  • Access to cutting edge Project Management Practises
  • Participate and influence the direction of the Profession
  • Commercial and peer recognition of expertise
  • Exposure to the latest developments in the Profession
  • Consistent and high standards of service delivery to the end-user.
  • Enhanced professional status
  • Membership recognised by SACPCMP for registration purposes


Route To Registration

Honorary Membership as well as Student Membership are complimentary memberships and do not carry any registration fee. These are however subject to qualification as per stipulated requirements.

Full Corporate Member

Body corporates engaged in professional project management may apply for FULL CORPORATE membership provided that at least 50% of the principals and or directors are full members and such 50% comprises of at least two (2) or more full members registered with SACPCMP

Associate Corporate Member

Body corporates engaged in professional project management may apply for ASSOCIATE CORPORATE  membership provided that one principal and or director is a full member and that such member is registered with the SACPCMP. 

Full Member

A person whose core profession is project management, as a full member where such person has attained appropriate project management experience.

Associate Member

Persons engaged in project management and who have attained an approved academic qualication and/or have attained appropriate project management experience.

Affiliate Member

Persons who have the necessary professional skills and practice Project Management from time to time but not as their core business.

Honorary Member

This membership is for a person who has contributed signicantly to the profession and is no longer practicing.

Student Member

This membership is open to students registered in their second, or later years of study in terms of an approved course may apply for student membership.

Full Membership
R1 125.00
Associate Membership
R1 050
Affiliate Membership
R1 025
Full Corporate Membership
R4 050
Associate Corporate Membership
R2 300
Student Membership
Honorary Membership