The ACPM has been actively involved in enhancing technical expertise within the state through a well-structured candidacy program. Within this initiative, individuals registered in various disciplines from the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI) have been assigned to ACPM corporate members and other companies in the built environment. This allows them to gain invaluable experience, industry exposure, and receive mentorship support.

We are currently in the process of formulating an industry guidance document. This document is focused on elevating the professional growth of candidates through a collaborative effort between public and private sectors in the Built Environment. The aim is to establish a well-defined strategy that will be instrumental in the expansion of the program, encompassing Individual and Corporate Member , who will play a pivotal role in mentoring the seconded registered candidates. In order to achieve this we will be conducting assessments of those that were seconded to companies, including both corporate and non-corporate members. This evaluation will be instrumental in refining the existing assignment arrangements.

The individuals who have been seconded and or assigned to the various companies have had the opportunity to work alongside industry experts, acquiring practical skills and knowledge crucial for their career progression. The mentorship provided by ACPM corporate members has significantly contributed to their professional growth, equipping them to face the challenges of the built environment sector.

This collaborative effort between the ACPM and its corporate members has had a substantial influence on augmenting the capabilities and future prospects of these registered candidates. To further enhance this program, we request you to provide the information below if you were assigned, whether at corporate member companies or non-corporate companies not registered with the ACPM.

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